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Urban Decay Moondust Palette

Hey ya’ll sorry for my lack of posting, I’ve been unmotivated and physical therapy has been kicking my ass ūüė¶ BUUUUTTTTT I’ve purchased so much this past week and I can’t wait to share it with you all!! My next post will be of everything I’ve purchased recently…maybe my next one, I’m still waiting on some packages.

Okay so, I hit up Sephora and made some impulse buys.. one of them being this beautiful palette. I totally fell in love with it after only swatching one color in the store I was like” Yep, its beautiful I need to buy it.”¬† Alsooo I hit up Ulta, only because they were out of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow¬† Kit at Sephora and well that turned into $200 later…hahaha.

First though let me tell you this story, okay so Chad and I went to dinner at a new restaurant out here called El Taco Macho. We walked in and the first thing I saw was the hostess’ (who ended up being our server) highlight!!! I have never in my life seen something so on point EVER. So naturally we walk in the door and I yelled (yes yelled because when I get excited my volume cranks to like 10) so I yell, ” OH MY GOD CHAD LOOK AT HER HIGHLIGHT SHE IS KILLING IT.¬† IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! No joke I wanted to bust out my phone and take pictures with her, but for Chad’s sake I didn’t. But, she was glowing this gorgeous¬† purple and it was just so beautiful and breath taking. . and that is how I developed a crush on the hostess/ waitress at the restaurant. Hahahaha.

Okay now onto the important stuff!! THE URBAN DECAY MOONDUST PALETTE!! YAY!!!

Okay so first impressions of this palette, I love it!!! The colors are buttery, creamy, so pigmented, and glittery almost duo-chrome like.¬† I know it doesn’t look like Specter is pigmented on my arm, but I promise you it is, you’ll see in another picture!! There’s not a lot of fall out with these colors, which is great, and they blend just beautifully.¬† I was nervous because I felt like I could see like the ridges in the bottom of the pan so I was afraid I would use it up fast, like it wasn’t a lot of product, but you really don’t need to use a lot to get a bright bold look.¬† I’m pretty sure you could apply this with your finger, but after swatching a lot more color sticks to your fingers. so I just opted for the wet brush route.

iphone 021

OH I ALMOST FORGOT!!  I gave up on Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow. I felt like all the colors I had were so dark, so I gave Benefit Kabrow! a chance, and I love love love it!!

For this look I used  Specter (told you it was pigmented!!) on the inner corner of my eye.  On the upper lash line I used Granite, outer corner I used Vega, and the bottom lash line I used Magnetic. I just used a small liner brush that I had gotten damp with water. I was only originally going to just do Magnetic on my lower lash but then I started playing and next thing you know I was balls deep in this palette and I had like 4 different colors on my eyes. Without using a primer this eye shadow stayed put all day, there was no creasing, or transferring of colors. If they ever release another palette like this one I will most definitely be picking it up

iphone 024

Alright ya’ll that’s it for tonight!! Till next time xx


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