Urban Decay Naked Heat

Alright, I’m just going to keep going. How many of you are dying to get your hands on the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette? Well I got it on the pre-order and I absolutely love it, it’s a sexy palette. Perfect for all my green eyed ladies, and blue and brown…okay this palette will suit everyone.urbandecaynakedheat1

Now there’s been tons of hype about this palette and I’m pretty sure it damn near broke the internet once it was announced, I swear I couldn’t get on any social media without seeing something about it. Also there was a lot of controversy about the swatches in this palette. On some the color was eh, and on others the color was bangin. I only ran into issues with the matte colors when swatching, they were streaky or not really pigmented but they applied beautifully to the eyes. So from this I realized you can’t really base a palette off a swatch because you’re not really applying it how you normally would. Now let me tell you how I do my swatches. I just take my finger run it across the shadow and wipe it on my arm, BAM. There you have it, huge secret, I know. Some people will wet their brush or finger and apply it and that’s fine, but I feel like if you’re doing a swatch I want to see it in its original state. I’m not going to go into a full detail tutorial on this post because I don’t really remember the colors I used, but I do have swatches and a finished product picture, that counts for something right? I think on my lips though I’m wearing Kylie Cosmetics in Heir it’s one of her metal mattes.urbandecaynakedheatswatch

What do ya’ll think, did you buy this? Will you be buying this palette?

Till next time xx


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