Retro Look

Last one for today, I promise. So, let’s start with a story.. on Monday I went to Walgreens, I just needed to get out of the house, I’ve been locked up inside for two months laying on a couch. Yay foot surgery!! I didn’t really plan on buying anything I really was just trying to get out of the house.  Well, I found their fake lashes and I was all  like alright girl, lets do this. So I grabbed up a starter kit, it came with lashes, glue, scissors, a mirror and little tweezer type things. I also picked up like two or three more packages  of lashes and some brushes..so $90 later I’m at the register (funny how that happens, right?) and the boy rings me out tells me the total, I open my wallet and was just like shittttt. I totally thought I had more money than I did. So I look over at chad (my man) and I asked if I could borrow some money and he said how much and I told him the exact total. OOPS!! And that ladies is how you get your man to buy you stuff.  The end.

Okay so I’ve watched a million tutorials on how to apply fake lashes and it looks so easy.  Let me tell you something, ITS NOT EASY AND IT’S FRUSTRATING. So I measure the lashes, you’ll probably have to cut some off cause they come really long, make sure you are cutting the outer corner and not the inner one! Then you apply the glue, let it dry 30 seconds, looking down into a mirror plop it on your eye lid as close as you can get to your regular lash line and adjust, make sure your edges are nice and secure. That’s pretty much the gist of it. Well it seems easy, but before I knew it I was sweating and cursing, covered in lash glue and just angry. So here’s  some tips I have for you in my failed attempt with false lashes:

  • like i said, measure & trim the outer corner, not the inner. the inner corner will have shorter lashes that make it blend more into your natural lashes. Don’t cut too much off you can always cut more but you can’t add it back!
  • apply the lashes to the eye it matches. when you hold the packages in front of your face, with the lashes facing away from you that’s how you know which one goes on which eye.
  • seriously do your eye liner before you apply the lashes, it will blend better. I normally don’t do eyeliner above my lashes because I have hooded eye lids, and  I feel like it makes my eyes small, but next time I will do it before. I tried to line over top like an idiot, I don’t know why i thought that would work..it didn’t.
  • when applying your lashes you want to be looking not completely down at a mirror but that awful unflattering angle where you can see up your nose. This will lower your lid and make it easier to apply
  • LET THE GLUE DRY A LITTLE BIT FIRST!!! Otherwise, you’ll end up with your lashes sliding all over the place, glue all on your eyelid, just a bad situation all over. I used a clear glue, they do make a black one but I was like I’ll just use clear in case I screw it up too bad, which I did. The good thing about clear glue is it’ll start to turn a light blue as it dries, but it does dry clear if that makes sense. So count to 30 after you apply the glue and you should be good to go.
  • some people apply mascara to their natural lashes before they apply their fake ones, some do it after. I tried it before and I think it made it so much more difficult because it made my natural lashes longer and they just got in the way


So here is my failed attempt with lashes and a little winged liner with a red lip, to me its a very retro look so that’s what I pretended like I was going for. On my lips I’m wearing Kylie Cosmetics in Okurr from the Koko Collection. OH YEAH!! And this is my first post with my fuchsia hair!! I used Ion color Brilliance in Fuchsia (duh) the first time I did it I used two tubes and ran out at the top of my head so that’s why it looks kinda wonky, but since my boyfriend is a darling he stopped the next day when he got out of work and picked me up two more tubes of color. I love how it turned out, it’s so beautiful. My only suggestion is that if you purchase this color buy double what you normally would. Normally I just use two tubes, but this color is very thick and doesn’t spread that well, so in total I used four tubes. Alright folks that is all for today,  I am whooped but  i feel so accomplished and I’m really looking forward to this whole blog thing, it’s very relaxing! leave any suggestions or things you’d like to see in the comments!!  I look forward to meeting so many new people on this journey!! Till next time xx



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